Elder Scrolls Online Sends Players Back To Blackwood For Its Latest Gates Of Oblivion Event

elder scrolls online gates of oblivion chapters banner

ZeniMax Online Studios is once again encouraging Elder Scrolls Online players to revisit old expansion zones and content as it kicks off its latest Gates of Oblivion event. This time around, the team is sending players back to Blackwood to relive their Gates of Oblivion adventures until November 28th.

“During the festivities, players will enjoy an assortment of goodies including special Reward Boxes, Event Tickets, and increased drops to Daily Quests, Dungeons, Resource Nodes, as well as World Bosses and Delves throughout the Blackwood and the Deadlands zones.”

Throughout the event, players will have the chance to earn Glorious Reward Boxes containing random Oblivion-themed items and gear, including crafting materials, overland set items, companion gear, and the new new Y’ffre’s Fallen-Wood armor style page. As with all ESO events, players will also be able to earn event tickets that can be used to purchase rewards from the Impresario shop.

Event details can be found on the Elder Scrolls Online official site.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood - Official Gameplay Launch Trailer