Elder Scrolls Online Guild Publishes Research Results On The Best Race/Class Combos

elder scrolls online 10 million storiesWhat’s a good way to tell which race is best suited for a specific class in The Elder Scrolls Online? Create a character for each race and each class, equip them with the same gear, give them the same buffs, then have each and every one of those characters for a test run in your raid of choice. Sounds tedious? Well, that’s exactly what the ESO Guild Hell Runners did just because they wanted “To find every race's efficiency in a raid buffed DPS test for all Classes.”

The result? Turns out that race/class combinations do have a significant effect on a character’s DPS and their overall efficiency in a raid. The key takeaway here is that you’re all good if you rolled an Altmer, Dunmer, or Khajit regardless of what class you pick. Bretons are strong Magicka damage dealers but struggle as Stamina DD while Orcs are the exact opposite. And finally, if you went with an Argonian, Imperial, or Nord, then you’re probably better off re-rolling right now.

If you’re interested in checking out the raw data for yourself, you can find the full documentation on the Elder Scrolls Online official forums. Or, if you’re like me, you can just check out the summary in the Tweet below.