Elder Scrolls Online Kicks Off Elswery Early Access On PC & Mac

elder scrolls online dragon two moonsIn just two weeks, The Elder Scrolls Online players will finally be able to step foot in the Khajiit homeland of Elsweyr. Aside from a new zone, the expansion also features the new Necromancer class, and big angry dragons, all of which can now be enjoyed by those who pre-ordered the game as the two-week Early Access period officially starts today.

Technically, you can still pre-order the game and get Early Access to the game right up until the expansion officially launches on June 4th. There’s also an extra character slot to help you get started. “Your extra character slot from Elsweyr will be added after you log in to a character for the first time,” says ZeniMax Online.

There was also a bit of confusion earlier with the pricing of the Any Race, Any Alliance bundle where it looked like the price jumped from 2000 to 11700 Crowns. ZeniMax, however, was quick to sort things out on the official forums. “The price you see on the Any Race, Any Alliance bundle is its permanent price,” explains the studio. “It’s meant to display the total value of the bundle, rather than a sale (which is why there’s no timer.)”

Of course, Early Access launch wouldn’t be complete without a shiny new trailer to go with it. Check out the new dragon-themed trailer below. We've also included the Necromancer trailer just below that just in case you haven't seen it. You can also head over to the Elder Scrolls Online official forums for the full patch notes.