Find Out What’s Coming To Elder Scrolls Online When The Murkmire DLC Goes Live

elder scrolls online black marsh ruinsJourney to the land of the Argonians and explore their swampy abode in the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Murkmire DLC. ZeniMax writes about what’s in store for players when the expansion goes live in a recent dev blog.

“This new DLC game pack brings an entire new zone to explore, a new main quest line to experience, a challenging new group arena to conquer, and more. Update 20 will arrive alongside the new DLC game pack and will bring big changes to Cyrodiil, new Music Box furnishings, and a series of Home Editor improvements and balance changes.”

The upcoming expansion will open the doors of the Black Marsh to brave adventurers. “As you venture into this new world, you’ll navigate through knee-deep swamps and dense, living jungles, encountering incredible stilt houses, long-forgotten temples, and crumbling Imperial ruins,” says ZeniMax. Players will get to learn more about Argonian culture and their relationship with the sacred Hist trees.

Murkmire will also feature new quests, delves, world bosses, and much more, as well as the new four-player Blackrose Prison arena. “The wilds of Black Marsh are teeming with life and many hidden dangers, but it is also a world of great opportunity for those who dare uncover its secrets.”

Update 20 also launches alongside the new DLC bringing with it destructible bridges and Milegates in the Cyrodiil RvR map. Players can also look forward to improvements to the game’s Housing System, changes to combat, and quality-of-life improvements. You can check out the Elder Scrolls Online official site to learn more.