Elder Scrolls Online Spotlights Elsweyr And The Khajiit In Their Latest Dev Blog

elder scrolls online elsweyr canyon bridgesElsweyr has just gone live on the Elder Scrolls Online PTS and folks are probably putting it through its paces, exploring every nook and cranny of the Khajiit’s ancestral homeland. In the meantime, ZeniMax gives fans an in-depth look at the new zone and the cat people that inhabit it in a recent dev blog.

Elsweyr itself is a massive zone made up of craggy desert canyons, windswept Savannas, and dense jungles. “In general, when planning a new zone, we always try to take multiple different real-world inspirations and mash them together,” says Senior Concept Artist Joseph Watmough. “For Elsweyr’s grasslands for example, we looked at West Africa, and for the southern more tropical parts, we looked at southern India, Indonesia, and Thailand. This gives the player an experience that’s rooted in reality, but also something a little different.”

As for the Khajiiti, the team says that they were careful to avoid negative stereotypes that came with the cat people’s reputation for thievery. “We already knew what the stereotypes were, so we had to make sure that we were showing other aspects of the Khajiiti culture, too,” explains Zone Lead Greg Roth. In Elsweyr, players will also learn that Khajiit come in all shapes and sizes, even family members. “All Khajiit are born looking roughly similar, but as they get older, they’ll grow into different forms, depending on when they were born,” says Roth. “[. . .] One could be a Senche-raht, and one could be an Alfiq. It’s a very strange family unit as far as outsiders are concerned, but to the Khajiit, it’s very normal.”

Of course, players also have dragons, necromancers, Imperials, bandits, and other monsters to contend with once they begin their journey in Elsweyr. You can learn more about Elsweyr on The Elder Scrolls Online official site.