Elder Scrolls Online Will Be Giving Away Additional Race & Name Change Tokens

the elder scrolls online 3rd anniversary eventThe upcoming Race/Class Balance Changes in The Elder Scrolls Online will be rolling out in a few weeks and I know most of you are thinking, “One Race Change Token just isn’t going to cut it.” Well, apparently ZeniMax is thinking along the same lines. The ESO publisher has just announced that they’ll be giving away additional Race and Name change tokens.

“After reviewing everyone’s feedback and evaluating the total number of high-level characters from active ESO accounts, we’ve decided to increase the amount of free Race Change Tokens granted to all players to 3 Tokens, in addition to granting 3 Name Change Tokens, to assist with the upcoming Racial balance changes in Update 21. The Tokens will be automatically added to your account during the launch maintenance window for each respective platform.

Additionally, we’re also planning a sale on both Race Change Tokens and the Race & Name Change Token bundle for a limited time after each platform’s launch.”

Meanwhile, Tamriel’s annual Heart’s Day celebration is just around the corner and the ESO community is encouraged to spread the love by giving away a free Pink Pearl Pig to players who send Crown Store items as gifts to their friends. To claim their free minipet, players must send one gift to at least two different accounts and the total amount must reach or exceed 1000 Crowns. The event is now live and will run until the end of the month.

Head over to The Elder Scrolls Online official site for more details.