Elder Scrolls Online Wrathstone DLC Now Live On Consoles, ANZ Megaserver Requests Denied

elder scrolls online malatar guardiansWe’ve got good news and bad news for all you Elder Scrolls Online fans out there. The good news is that Bethesda Softworks has just rolled out the Wrathstone DLC on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. After a sufficiently lengthy mandatory wait time, console players can finally experience the first part of the Season of the Dragon and its two new dungeons.

The bad news is that Zenimax has declined the Australian and Kiwi players’ requests for a local server in spite of the lag issues and long load time. The studio explains that ESO megaservers are designed for a lot more players than a single territory can provide. “If we established an ANZ- specific megaserver, the game would have an emptier atmosphere than the game you’ve come to know and love, “ says Zenimax. “While group content such as world bosses, dungeons, battlegrounds, and Cyrodiil.

While we’re on the subject of long load times and servers, PlayStation 4 players have reported lengthy Wrathstone loading times on Reddit, some for as much as 20 minutes. The devs have yet to issue an official statement about the problem.