Elyland Launch Golden Rush, A Four-Team MOBA

The creators of My Lands: Black Gem Hunting have revealed their latest project, Golden Rush, through a Steam Early Access launch. The game is a four-team, point-capture MOBA. The team call it a "bold experiment on the MOBA genre." Though in Early Access, it says on the Steam store page that it is practically done. Being the "bold experiment" that it is, they want input from the community before launching it. The changes will be fairly minor, though, unless the community demands larger changes.

Those interested can grab the game on Steam for free and use this code—LA-GenRev31-pa—to unlock "a special helmet that increases mana and vision for a hero." If that statement sets off your "pay-to-win warning," you're not alone. Early reviews are claiming it is pay-to-win as well, but one of the developers posted on the one linked that "every artefact from the DLC's you can gain in the game just by playing it" so perhaps it is not. Either way, it is a rather unique take on the MOBA genre and may be worth a cursory look, at the very least.