Elyon Producer Outlines Upcoming Content Including New Raids, PvP Flagging, New Classes, And More

elyon glass dome banner

With the coming of spring comes a whole host of new content for fantasy MMORPG Elyon. Producer Yunseok Kang offers a rundown of what’s coming to the game over the next few months in his latest Letter from the Producer video.

As announced during last week’s Kakao Now livestream, players will see the arrival of a new 30-player raid where players will face off against Irukas, a dragon that remains undefeated in the Dragon’s Arena and has been crowned “King of Battles.” His reign will be coming to an abrupt end once players enter the arena in mid-April.

Two new Hunting Grounds will also be added in the near future: Temple of Desire and Secret Sea. The Temple of Desire will have clans fighting it out in multiple floors to occupy the area while the Secret Sea will take players underwater to hunt monsters living on the ocean floor.

The team has also recently added a new zone and bumped up the level cap to 55.

On the PvP side, players can expect a new clan battle where they’ll get to use new Mega Manamechs to secure victory. A castle siege system that makes use of the powerful juggernauts will also be introduced down the line.

Realm Wars will also be getting a balance pass to counteract faction imbalance, encourage participation, and improve rewards. New PvE and PvP channels will also be added which will allow PvE players to explore and enjoy content without worrying about getting killed by other players.

The icing on an already tall cake is the addition of two new classes: the Paladin and the Soulbringer. The Paladin uses auras to deal ranged damage and to provide support buffs to his allies while the Soulbringer is an agile dual-sword user capable of dealing massive damage with swift combo-stacking attacks.

Other features that players can look forward to include raids with flying mounts, new clan dungeons, skil-based PvP battlefields, and gamepad support among others. You can check out the full Letter from the Producer video below for more details.