Elyon Shares Stats From First Western Closed Beta, Second Beta Scheduled For Mid-August

elyon glass dome banner

It’s been over a month since Elyon’s first western closed beta ended and Kakao Games has spent the past couple of weeks pouring over the data gathered from the test. The studio has shared some interesting CBT statistics. First off, players seem to have favored the Ontari faction significantly more than the Vulpin, which isn’t surprising considering that the Ontari [...]

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Elyon AMA Session Scheduled For Tomorrow On Reddit

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More information about Elyon (formerly Ascent: Infinite Realm) will be coming our way tomorrow in an AMA session with Community Manager Yukimura on Reddit. The AMA thread will be hosted on the r/MMORPG subreddit and will be kicking off at 10pm PDT. Expect to see questions about the game’s business model, which Yukimura recently confirmed would be buy-to-play with microtransactions. [...]

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