Epic Games Store Accounts Locked Out For Buying Too Many Games

epic games store logo blackLast week, Epic Games Store took a page out of Steam’s book and kicked off its first-ever Mega Sale. Naturally, people took advantage of the crazy low prices and went on buying sprees. Unfortunately, this was a good way to get your account locked and flagged as fraudulent as one customer pointed out on Twitter.

Epic Games Senior PR Nick Chester explained to GameRevolution that it was part of the store’s anti-fraud system. “This was a result of our aggressive fraud rules,” says Nick. “If players run into this issue, they should contact player support so we can investigate.”

The problem seems to stem from the store’s lack of a cart. With games being offered at discounted prices, it’s more than likely that people will buy more than one game. Without a cart, they’d have to buy each game separately instead of one big transaction and would’ve set alarm bells ringing by a certain number of purchases.

While fraudulent activity is indeed a cause for concern, this recent issue counts as another mark against Epic’s new game distribution platform which already experienced a number of problems during the Mega Sale’s launch day including the temporary removal of several games from the store and pricing confusion with others.