Eternal Crusade Gets New Weapon, Custom Keybindings


Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Patch #12 just went live and it has brought with it several major additions. Arguably the most important addition is that of custom keybindings. It is a first pass and there will be problems, but the core functionality is there. Unfortunately, gamepad support is not yet in, but will be soon.


The Meltagun—pictured above—has been added. This weapon is used to melt tanks, rather than take on infantry.

Several smaller features also made it into this build. Players can now enjoy a "3D character view in the custom loadout screen." Certain "AMD-specific settings" have been added to help improve performance on computers running AMD hardware. A Mute All option has been added for people who want to enjoy silence while shooting the opposing team.


Additionally, several pre-order exclusive items—shown above—have been unveiled. All Early Access and Founder's Pack buyers will automatically be given these items "when they become available."