Eternal Magic - New Fantasy MMORPG Announced

Russian game publisher 101XP announced a new free to play MMORPG today titled Eternal Magic which will be launching into closed beta soon with open beta set to begin sometime in the second half of 2019. While the game itself doesn't look like anything special, the official trailer does feature some pretty terrible voice acting, which makes it well worth checking out:

Besides the terrible voice acting, the game's release timeline is hilariously useless. Check it out:

At least we know it's coming out sometime in 2019. That timeline is actually featured prominently on their homepage here.

Eternal Magic is an MMORPG developed by the Chinese company Duoyi Network back in 2017. The 101XP version will be available to everyone in EMA, North America, Latin America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and the CIS regions. The game should be playable by anyone who lives in a country that primarily speaks English, but anyone else can always access the game through a VPN.

Game features:

Create a unique fight style

Every character can be adjusted to your taste, using 5 skill categories for every class. From the choice of one from several specializations to rune skills, each of which you can set up to the specific goals: combo enhancement or cooldown decrease - everything is in your hands!

PvP-mode variety

Test your opponents and yourself on the battlefields: starting with the classic capture the flag type or kill superiority to guild fights and MOBA-battles 5x5, where teamwork is as important as ever. There are also vast battlefields where armies collide for those who want more.

Enormous world is waiting for the explorers

Be careful when you embark on the adventure around Terrazia: the threats are waiting in every corner, but the higher the risks, the better the prize. Discover the most clandestine places of the world of the Eternal Magic, tame different pets, that may become your loyal companions. Each of them have skills, that can be essential in the battle.

Developed social system

Eternal Magic’s social component is based on the classic canon, however you can experiment even here! Communicate, make friends, fall in love: you are able to emphasize your feelings to another person in different ways. For example, you can become a couple or even get married with costumes and decorations. Furthermore, every player is able to purchase his or her own estate, that is possible design however you want, players will have a wide range of furniture and adornments.