EverQuest's 25th Expansion: The Burning Lands Launches December 11

EverQuest and EverQuest 2 may be old games (released 1999 and 2004), but both games are still getting a lot of love from Daybreak Games. EverQuest's 25th expansion - The Burning Lands will be launching on December 11, 2018 and is available now to those who pre-order the expansion. While both EverQuest games are technically free to play, expansions and access to newer content requires a purchase.

New features include:

  • Expanded Lore: The longstanding peace between the elemental creatures of the planes known as the jann is over, and war has broken out between the djinn from the Plane of Air and the efreeti from the Plane of Fire. It is time to head back to the Planes and unravel the mysteries that await.
  • New Luck Stat: A brand new stat that influences just how lucky you are! This stat will randomly increase the amount of gold in your split, the amount of critical damage you do, your chance to succeed at a trade-skill combine and much more!
  • Six Expansion Zones: You’ll adventure through the fantastic environments and architecture of the Planes of Fire, Air and Smoke!
  • New Content - New raids, quests, missions, spells, combat abilities, and AAs.

The standard edition is available for $34.99, Collector's Edition for $89.99, and Premium Edition for $139.99. See the difference between the versions here.