"Exhilarating Action MMORPG" Aurcus Online Hits Mobile Devices Worldwide


ASOBIMO announced that its latest 3D mobile MMORPG, Aurcus Online, has lauched worldwide on Android and iOS. The game features non-targeting action combat, story quests, co-op missions, PvP, raids, and more.

The game is described as follows.

Aurcus Online is a 3D Action MMORPG for Smartphones in which the player becomes a member of an armed organization and journey around the world.
The player can enjoy exciting non-targeting system battles utilizing various jobs and skills, as well as other rich contents such as Story Quests and fields to experience the world of Aurcus, Mission that provides co-op game play, and PvP mode to test the strength of the trained characters.

Aurcus can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play now. To celebrate the launch, ASOBIMO is running a login event that "gifts Coins (Virtual Currency) everyday, Special Present Offer that provides Avatars, and buff bonus that makes the growth of the characters more efficient."