Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online Goes Free-To-Play, Servers Under Heavy Load

albion online army screenAs of today, Albion Online is officially free-to-play and hordes of new players are already queuing up to get into Sandbox Interactive’s PvP-heavy fantasy sandbox MMORPG. The game’s Premium Subscription system, however, remains in place for those who need that extra boost. Players can purchase Premium Status using either real-world cash or in-game currency.

“Today is the day! With a healthy and growing player base, numerous technical improvements since launch, and a brand-new tutorial for new players, Albion Online opens the gates to all players.”

If you’re an existing player you can continue playing just like before. But, with the massive influx of new players can expect a considerably longer wait when logging in to the game.

The game’s free-to-play transition also comes with a hefty patch that adds new Outland portals to the Royal Cities, revamps respawn mechanics, increases resource respawn speeds, ups Guild creation costs, and introduces a number of combat changes. Game improvements and various fixes also come with the patch.

You can read through the detailed list of changes on the official patch notes over at the Albion Online official site. Sanbox Interactive is also celebrating the occasion with a brand new trailer. You’ll find that just after the break.