Fate/Grand Order Upcoming Anime Speculation


Fate/Grand Order has just celebrated its 100 day anniversary last month—and with over 4 million downloads its no surprise that the game is a hit. It only seems fitting in the Japanese market to create an anime to pull in even more players and TYPE-MOON might be doing just that. On the Anime Japan 2016 Convention Schedule for Sunday March 27th of 2016 there is an entry that reads "Program4 Fate Project 2016" as a News Announcement.


Below under the cast we can see the following names:  Noriaki Sugiyama (the voice of Shiro), Ayako Kawasumi (the voice of Saber) as well as Nobunaga Shimazaki (the voice of Arjuna and Male Protagonist in a Fate/Grand Order drama CD) and Risa Taneda (the voice of Marie Antoinette, Shielder, Mata Hari and Kiyohime). While we can expect Sugiyama and Kawasumi, it's quite peculiar that two necessary Fate/Grand Order voice actors would also be in the mix.

Could this be the foreshadowing of an upcoming Fate/Grand Order Anime announcement? We will have to wait until March to find out and you can bet your Saint Quartz that we will keep you posted! For now you can watch an animated commercial for the video game below: