Final Fantasy XIV Adding More Housing Wards In Patch 4.2

Final Fantasy XIV is finally working to address the game's house shortage problem. Naoki Yoshida posted on the game's official forums yesterday that additional housing wards will be introduced to the game in Patch 4.2. New wards will be available for all of the game's housing districts (Lavender Beds, The Goblet, Mist, and Shirogane).

Housing has always been an issue in Final Fantasy XIV as the game's busier servers simply didn't have enough supply (2880 housing units total for servers with over 10k+ players). Housing existed in each of the game's districts through 15 instanced "wards" per district, so "fixing" the housing shortage was never really too difficult, all Square Enix needed to do was add more instanced wards, and it looks like they're finally doing just that.

Player housing is an excellent part of Final Fantasy XIV and with 4.2 more players should be able to experience it without paying exorhbitant sums of gil to house flippers.