Final Fantasy XIV Publishes A Dev Blog On The Blue Mage One Day Before It Goes Live

final fantasy blue mage groupIn just a few hours, the highly-awaited Blue Mage job will be making its debut in Final Fantasy XIV bringing with it a new way of growing your characters. The Blue Mage will be the first limited job in FFXIV and will gain abilities not by leveling up but by learning and mimicking actions from enemies.

“In order to learn, one must first witness the enemy perform a specific attack. Once you have witnessed the action, you have a chance of acquiring the ability once the enemy has been defeated. As long as you meet the requirement, you can learn blue magic spells. However, we recommend not going after monsters with too high of a level, as you may end up being KO'd before you can learn anything!”

Blue Mages will be able to learn a total of 49 spells with more spells planned to be added in future updates. “You'll need to figure out what you can learn, and where you can learn them based on the hints provided in your Blue Magic Spellbook,” says the devs. “There are many spells that aren't just for attacking, and combining these spells could provide ways to maximize your effects. Be sure to read the details of the spell, try it out, and figure out ways to make good use of them!”

If you’re looking to test out your new-found skills, then a visit to the Masked Carnivale should be just what you need. The Masked Carnivale is a series of challenging tasks exclusive to Blue Mages. The trick is to pick the right set of spells to complete each stage. “You cannot change your spells while engaged in a stage, so be sure to look over the details provided to you and think carefully on what spells you would want to set before jumping in.”

The Blue Mage goes live on January 15th without any maintenance period so keep an eye out. You can also head over to the Final Fantasy XIV official site for more info.