Final Fantasy XIV Crosses Over With Final Fantasy XV; NA Data Center Split Maintenance Starts On April 22nd

final fantasy xiv regalia mountI don’t know if you’ve noticed but more and more MMOs have started hosting crossover events over the past few months. The most recent one is Final Fantasy XIV crossing over with Final Fantasy XV in the “Nocturne For Heroes” event which runs from today until May 27th. During the event, FFXV protagonist Noctis will be appearing in Eorzea along with Magitek Soldiers and Armor.

“You will be able to obtain a number of iconic rewards from this event, including Noctis's attire, hairstyle and FFXV themed orchestrion rolls. And how could we forget, the highly anticipated 4-person mount, the Regalia!”

The event will also add a new collaboration storyline where players will find out what Noctis, Garuda, and Magitek soldiers are doing in Eorzea.

In other FFXIV news, the Primal and Aether North American data centers will be down for maintenance from April 22nd 6am EDT until April 23rd as work on splitting the data centers into three begins. All accounts will be compensated with a free day regardless of whether they play on the affected data centers or not. Players will also be able to transfer eligible characters to a different world for free until Tuesday, May 7th.

In the meantime, you can check out the official event trailer below. You can also head over to the Final Fantasy XIV official site to learn more.