Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.31 Brings New Side Story Quests And New Ishgardian Restoration Projects

final fantasy xiv firmament reconstruction bannerPatch 5.31 is now live in Final Fantasy XIV bringing with new side story quests and new Ishgardian Restoration projects. As part of the update, players can now craft and submit new supplies to help rebuild the Firmament.

“With Francel de Haillenarte leading the charge, the reconstruction of the Firmament surges to ever-loftier heights. As many and more take up residence in the New Nest, the young lord would realize his latest vision─a bustling new commercial district befitting Ishgard's new age of free trade and enlightenment. Artisans one and all, take up your tools and answer the call!”

The patch also adds new house furnishings, new Triple Triad cards, new achievements and titles, a new emote, and a new hairstyle based on a FFXIV Hairstyle Design contest. You’ll find the full patch notes on the Final Fantasy XIV official site.