Final Fantasy XIV Previews the Lost Canals of Uznair via Dev Blog

In FFXIV, the Aquapolis is a dungeon that spawns randomly whenever players complete a Timeworn Dragonskin Map. Seven rooms, and only a 50/50 chance to advance to the next one! If you manage to get to the last room of the Aquapolis, riches await!

Not too long ago, Square Enix posted a Developers' Blog update about the Lost Canals of Uznair! Mechanically, it's the same as the Aquapolis, but the design of it will be all new!

The dev blog goes on to say that there is some new music featured in the Lost Canals, and new riches! A Namazu (catfish) minion is available to players as a rare drop from the new Level 70 Aquapolis Lost Canals! The Lost Canals of Uznair will be available this Tuesday, on July 18th, dropping in Patch 4.05 along with Omega - Deltascape (Savage).