Final Fantasy XIV Seeks Players’ Help To Stress Test Servers Using The New World Visit System

final fantasy xiv stormblood producer letter bannerSquare Enix is calling upon the Warriors of Light to help them put the new Final Fantasy XIV World Visit system and their servers through its paces ahead of Shadowbringers release in July. The World Visit system allows players to switch servers on the fly regardless of your home server. The system will be introduced with Patch 4.57 which should be rolling out after the data center expansions are finished.

To test the stability of the servers, the servers have designed a stress test that will have players all jumping into a specific server and zone all at the same time using the new World Visit system. To help out, simply join the large-scale Full Active Time Event (FATE) “A Horse Outside” and take down the level 70 boss Ixion along with other players. The FATE will randomly spawn in different Worlds from late April to mid-May and will be announced through an in-game system message.

Check out the Final Fantasy XIV official site for more info.