Final Fantasy XI Offers Bigger Bonuses And Rewards With Their September Campaigns

Having a hard time taking on a solo objective in Final Fantasy XI? Well, you might just be able to cross them out of your things-to-do list when Square Enix rolls out their lineup of in-game campaigns this September.

From September 11th through the 30th, your Alter Egos will receive a 50% boost to their HP and MP and will have increased status resistance. If playing in a group is more your style, the Seal and Crest drop rate campaign will increase the drop rate of seals and crests depending on the number of party members, up to a maximum of six seals.

Delve bonuses and drops will also be increased, high-tier battlefield missions will drop more loot, and Wildskeeper Reive will have reduced respawn timers, more loot, and will cut down on the requirements needed to participate. Macrocosmic Orb battlefields and Unity battles will also have better rewards.

Check out the Final Fantasy XI official site to learn more about the upcoming campaigns.