Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood off to one of the Rockiest Starts in Expansion History

I love FFXIV. I really do. This game has taken up the better part of the past three-and-a-half years of my life, and I don't regret it in the slightest. I've made friends, lost friends, and had a great time along the way.

So when Square Enix publishes an update such as this, it really turns some heads.

"If you are unable to enter instanced battle content, we ask you to please wait and try again at a later time. We understand that this unfairly places the burden on our players, but we require more time until the issue can be resolved. We continue to work on measures to address this issue and will follow up once we have an update."

Beg pardon? Didn't you upgrade and relocate the servers so this kind of issue wouldn't happen? In any other free-to-play MMO this kind of thing would be expected, but Final Fantasy XIV is a multi-million dollar game that's published by one of the biggest game companies in the world. Normally I am always sympathetic to developers when their servers go awry, but 13 hours since Day 1 of Early Access for Stormblood has gone live, and this issue remains unresolved.

Stormblood isn't FFXIV's first expansion. That was Heavensward, and it came with its own lion's share of problems. Of course, you can't always predict how smoothly your servers will handle a massive influx of players all trying to log on at once. The Heavensward servers, while having issues handling so many players, were able to host ALL the content in the game and did not block anyone. Having player's enjoyment ruined by being unable to progress in the story and unlock more content, especially when many players took a day off from work, is incredibly poor.

Here's to hoping the server instabilities will be resolved in a timely manner. Until then, due to only a limited amount of players being able to access the instance server, players have taken to forming up queues to try to resolve this issue.

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  • Augosyx

    This was laughable at best. I was away when the server reopened and from the groups I joined, many of the players experienced lots of bugs, and especially dungeon was if not almost impossible. Server congestion when logging in is understandable, it was the same thing back when Heavensward first launched. They didn't consider that being a big of a game they are now, they'd need to make a contingency plan around should a problem occurs. Now most of the players have to suck it up and trying their best to login because they know, the only way to stop this "madness" is for SE to create an emergency maintenance.

  • Fair criticism. I think players hold Square Enix to a higher standard than a lot of dooker game companies, so some of the issues are definitely a bit disappointing. Still, every major WoW expansion (except Legion) has issues on launch too, but not having enough instances to handle the instanced battle combat is a joke. I mean COME ON!

    • Heavensward, if you judge it by a "How many players that are logged in are actively able to do the content" standard, had an AMAZING launch. The instance servers were doing great. The world servers, not so much. Stormblood, on the other hand, is completely flipped. It's very disappointing, I hope they can fix their issues soon in time for the full release.

  • Arcyne

    It's not stellar, but my god, did you see WoD, MoP, and D3 launches? This is a godsend compared to not even being able to play for a good 5 days.