Final Fantasy XI Gives 10 Free Days Of Gametime To Celebrate It's Anniversary


Final Fantasy XI has been undergoing a lot of changes over the last few months. In an attempt to bring back old players, Square Enix is opening up the game to everyone from May 13th to May 23rd.  There will be no strings attached, meaning you don't have to subscribe to play.

There will be a lot of extra incentives for players to hop in too. Just for playing during this anniversary event you get access to double experience and capacity points. Everyday during the event you also have a chance of winning a crab mount. There's a new patch coming out 3 days before the event starts, which will unlock even more content for players to enjoy.

Between all these perks and ease of entry I can see why a lot of players might be considering giving Final Fantasy Xl another shot.

  • A must try MMORPG for any FF or hardcore gaming fans. Brings back the old Nostalgia feeling everyone loves. Can't wait to get back into this game after their update, it's been 14 years but is still one of the most polished MMORPG of all time. If you like FFXIV you'll love this.

  • Scobydobydo

    FFXI is a game I've been interested in since seriously getting into mmo's, but its age combined with the sub fee put me off. With this event I'm definitely going to try it.