Former Crytek Developer Launches Kickstarter For New Multiplayer Fantasy Action Game ‘Project Shadow’

project shadow spider mob bannerOne-man development studio Dark Tree Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of a new fantasy action multiplayer game called Project Shadow. The game is powered by UE4 and will feature PvEvP round-based gameplay with up to 50 players fighting or working together, culminating in a challenging boss fight. Players can also compete against each other in smaller PvP arenas.

“Shadow is a competitive third person PvEvP Fantasy action game with RPG elements. Play and fight on a large map with up to 50 other players and many other NPC's, like undeads, demons, horrifying elements or just mother nature. Each round you start with basic weapons and your job is to collect the best possible gear for the final fight. Each round takes about roughly 20 minutes, with additional up to 5 minutes for the final enemy.”

Dark Tree founder Efgeni Bischoff, a former developer at Crytek, has over 15 years of experience in AAA game development and has been working on the game for the past two years. Dark Tree Games is a fully-virtual studio and is looking to hire developers from all over the world to work on the game. Bischoff says that because they’re fully-virtual, they won’t have to worry about the COVID-19 pandemic that’s forced nearly every other company on the planet to a standstill.

Head over to the Project Shadow Kickstarter page for screenshots, artwork, and more information about the game. You can also watch the official trailer below.