Fractured 2nd Alpha Test Kicks Off Next Week With Social Features, A New Starting Area, And New Skills

fractured mmo spear group bannerDynamight is gearing up for the second round of Fractured Alpha tests with the introduction of a whole host of surprise features that weren’t officially planned for the next Alpha build. These include social features such as parties, guilds, and the ability to claim a piece of land.

The developers will also be adding a new starting area with tutorial quests, new mobs for newbies, and a local bank where players can safely store their items and gear. New skills, spells, and abilities will also be introduced along with new mobs and a new Stealth mode.

“Once in Stealth mode, your character becomes invisible to all but yourself and your fellow party/guild members,” explains Dynamight. “There’s a catch though: when you’re within 6 meters from any creature (monster or player), a short timer starts ticking unless you move further away. [. . .] When the timer runs out (or whenever you get more than 100 damage at once from any source), you’re instantly revealed, so watch out and be tactical about your movements!”

The second Alpha test will kick off on Wednesday, March 25th at 7am PDT and will run for a minimum of two weeks. The test will be exclusive to Legend Founder Pack owners and higher. Stay tuned for news on when you can start downloading the game client.

Head over to the Fractured official site for more details.