Fractured Online Offers An In-Depth Look At Its Playable Races And How Races Influence Gameplay

fractured online races humans wildfolk demons

After revealing their plans to add two more races in Fractured Online, Dynamight Studios is back with in-depth information on all three playable races – Humans, Wildfolk, and Demons. Of the three, only the human race is currently available in the Alpha version of the game.

According to Dynamight, the race you choose at the start of the game will have make “a tremendous difference” on your overall gameplay experience, starting from day one and for as long as you’ll be playing that race.

“The concept of races has been a cornerstone of MMORPGs since the genre’s inception. From orcs to dragons, from elves to undead, we’ve seen (and played) them all,” said Dynamight. “Did the race of your character ever actually matter to you though? Sure, perhaps it added some variety to combat, giving you different attributes and a handful of unique abilities, and you preferred the look of dwarfs to that of humans. Perhaps it had you starting in a different location and following a different set of quests. Maybe it even got you in a faction fighting against some others. Of one thing we’re sure of, though: it never made you feel like you were immersed in a different culture, a different society, and, to an extent, a different game.”

Each race starts off in a different planet, each with completely different environments and different resources available to players. They’ll also have different sets of abilities, spells, and crafting proficiencies, as well as their own culture and reputations, which will influence how they interact and are received by NPCs and other players. The ease in which players can travel to other planets will also be determined by their choice of race.

Humans start their journey in Syndesia, a resource-rich planet but lacking in primal energy. The Wildfolk, on the other hand, inhabit a lush and wild planet called Arboreus, the remnant of Elysium which was once home to all the races. This nature-attuned race resembles animals at birth and only assume a two-legged posture after puberty. And finally, the Demons. A bloodthirsty race that was banished to a hostile and resource-deprived planet called Tartaros after the apocalyptic event called the Fracture. They slightly resemble humans but are taller, stronger, and have horns in all shapes and sizes.

More information about each race can be found on the Fractured Online official site.