Fractured Will Be Holding Another Free PvP Playtest This Weekend

fractured humans newsDynamight Studios is hosting another Fractured free-to-play weekend hot on the heels their New Year PvP playtest the other week. Apparently, not enough players participated in the last one because of the holidays and the developers want to gather more feedback.

Aside from testing PvP mechanics and putting the servers through its paces, the developers are also looking to gather feedback on the recently-introduced client performance improvements. The changes are aimed lowering CPU and memory usage which should allow for more players on-screen without crashing on older computers.

“The issues some of you faced were mostly caused by memory (RAM) usage and CPU usage, rather than GPU usage. In fact, memory could become so bloated with 50+ players on the screen that it would cause disconnections on older computers!”

The playtest will kick off on January 15th at 5am PST and will be open to all registered users. Like the previous playtest, players will start characters with all 60 Talent Points and all existing abilities unlocked. They will also have access to all weapons, armor sets, and enchanting reagents and will be able to harvest from any resource node. To ensure that players get to really get a feel for the enchanting process, ore smelting, hide processing, and charcoal burning have been made almost instantaneous. The cost to claim land parcels have also been reduced to 200 gold and the cost to claim a city has been decreased to 1,000 gold.

The top players in 5 categories will also be rewarded with a Winter Alpha key while the highest ranking player in each category will get permanent access to the game. More information can be found on the Fractured official site.

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