Gaia Online Brings Back zOMG MMORPG After Three Years

Remember Gaia Online? The popular social forum/community from the early 2000s is still kicking and actively being developed. A major update was announced late last month on the forums stated that beta tests for zOMG were underway.

For those who don't remember, zOMG was Gaia's browser based MMORPG add on. It was first released back in November 2008 and had monsters to battle, RPG style quests, and a unique progression system involving rings. The zOMG service was shut down in November 2014 due to stated hardware and engineering limitations. Unsatisfied with that answer, many in the community continued to request its revival.

Well today is the day! zOMG is now officially revived and can be played using a free Gaia Online account. The browser based MMORPG still looks the same as it did nearly a decade ago and is unlikely to draw in new players. But for lapsed Gaia Online users, the revival of zOMG may be a good reason to revisit their old cyber watering hole.

I vaguely remember reading about zOMG when it was first announced all those years ago, but I never got too involved with it. Gaia's main draw for me was the fishing mini game. With the recently announced closure of Club Penguin and the declining player numbers for Neopets, I'm glad to see at least one oldschool browser based social game still doing well. The official Gaia Online site records nearly 15,000 Gaians Online as of this writing.

  • odd to see this one come back

  • DRIG

    Aaaah zOMG & gaia, sure brings back memories <3