Galactic Junk League Lets You Build Destructible Spaceships Today


Looking for a new space-based team deathmatch game? You may want to check out Galactic Junk League, as it just entered Open Beta today. The game looks quite a bit like it's one part Dreadnought or Fractured Space and another part Robocraft; you build your destructible spaceship out of various block types and take it into battle where you hope that it doesn't get blown to smithereens by other players.

Changes made to the game since it was in Alpha are as follows.

  • new exciting maps
  • a completely reworked system of game progression, classes and upgrades
  • improved visuals, blocks and effects
  • improved user interface and in-game HUD
  • balance changes

Galactic Junk League is available for download from the official website now. If you "played at least 30 games during the Alpha," your account has been credited 500 Space Credits.