Gameloft’s Dead Rivals Officially Launches On Mobile And PC

dead rivals melee dash zombieAnother mobile zombie game has debuted on the market to satisfy your cravings for killing the undead. Dead Rivals, by Gameloft, has officially launched for iOS, Android, and PC. The game comes with features typically found zombie survival with MMORPG elements thrown in to the mix.

“Enter the post-apocalyptic world of Dead Rivals. Gameloft’s new title is the first of its kind, a mobile zombie MMO. It blends fast-paced action and classic MMORPG adventuring to create a thrilling, undead Action RPG.

With undead roaming the lands, a fractured society is tearing itself apart faster than a hungry zombie devours a brain-sandwich. Dead Rivals presents a hostile future. But there is hope. Small camps have appeared around the world, and they are trying to push back the dangers.”

Dead Rivals offers a unique blend of post-apocalyptic zombie survival, action RPG, and an MMORPG-style quest system. The game also features crafting, base-building, NPC factions, and the staple of any post-apocalyptic game, real-time PvP.

Catch the official trailer just after the break. You can also head over to the Gameloft official site for more info.