Gear Up For The Alterac Valley Weekend Test In World Of Warcraft Classic

world of warcraft classic alterac valleyRemember when Alterac Valley first came out ages ago with its towering pine trees, snowy plains, and AFKers? Well, World of Warcraft Classic players will now have a chance to put the Battleground through its paces starting tomorow.

“On Friday, June 14 at 2:00 p.m. PDT, we’ll open a new realm in the WoW Classic Beta for dedicated testing of Alterac Valley. When beta testers log into the WoW Classic Beta at that time, please look for the new Field of Strife realm. Alterac Valley will only be available for testing on this realm, and we will be turning off the other beta realms for the duration of the AV test. You’ll find that test characters on Field of Strife are confined to their capital cities. Don’t worry—even if you could leave the city, there will be no enemies, quest-givers, dungeons, or transports throughout the rest of the world.”

Testers will be able to create level 58 characters with the appropriate gear, gold, and a mount. They will also have access to class trainers, reagent vendors, and of course their city’s Battlemaster.

The Beta test will run for the duration of the weekend and will be end on Monday, June 17th at 10am PDT. Don’t forget to give feedback on your nostalgic Alterac Valley experience via the official forums.