Genshin Impact: Map Expansion, New Characters, And More Coming With Update 1.2

genshin impact dragonspire bannerMihoyo’s Genshin Impact will be getting a new zone for the first time since the widely-popular cross-platform MMORPG launched in September. The update, called The Chalk Prince and the Dragon, will feature the new Dragonspire area as well as new characters for players to enjoy.

In Dragonspire, players will find a lost civilization where they can take on new quests and monsters, and find secrets to uncover. A ‘Sheer Cold’ bar will also be added which will require players to keep a close eye on their temperature and keep warm while exploring the new zone.

“We’d long heard about an enormous mountain in the south of Mondstadt that not only is swept by snowstorms all year round, but also gives off a hint of some mysterious power… The power of treasure, surely! More and more people have been coming to this area recently. Could it be because of some mysterious treasure hidden in the mountain?”

Two new 5-star characters will also be joining the game’s ever-growing roster: the Geo user, Albedo, and the Cryo Bow user, Ganyu.

Update 1.2 is scheduled to roll out on December 23rd. You’ll find the official update trailer below. You can also head over to the Genshin Impact official site for more info.