Genshin Impact Update 4.1: To The Stars Shining In The Depths Arrives September 27

genshin impact update 4.1 key art

HoYoverse is preparing to roll out another big update for Genshin Impact with another long title later this month, dubbed “To the Stars Shining in the Depths”, a.k.a. Update 4.1. The update is set to hit the live servers on September 27th and will open up a new zone in the northern reaches of Fontaine, introduce new playable characters, and add new things to discover beneath Teyvat’s oceans.

The new zone will shed more light on the history and mysteries of Fontaine from a different perspective. With the opening of the new zone, players can also expect new main story quests and new characters from the region: Neuvillette, the Ludex of Fontaine, and Wriothesley, Administrator of the Fortress of Meropide.

Both Neuvillette and Wriothesley are 5-Star Catalyst characters with the ability to use their health points to cast certain attacks and recover health when the attacks are successful. Neuvillette will be rolling out first alongside Hu Tao, followed by Wriothesley and Venti in the second banner.

The Fortress of Meropide itself will also be opening its doors to adventurers with the update’s release. The deep-sea fortress features new underwater areas and ruins to explore and new bosses to take on. These include the electrifying Millennial Pearl Seahorse and the Experimental Field Generator rogue research device.

Additionally, Genshin Impact will be kicking off its third anniversary celebration on September 28th with various in-game goodies up for grabs via a login campaign and as giveaways that players will be able to claim from their in-game mailboxes after Update 4.1’s release.

More information about the upcoming update can be found on the Genshin Impact official site.

Version 4.1 "To the Stars Shining in the Depths" Trailer | Genshin Impact