Get An Exclusive Elder Scrolls Legends Reward By Playing The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr

elder scrolls online fiery khajiitAll eyes are on the Khajiit with the recent release of the Elsweyr Chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online. Not to be left out, the Elder Scrolls Legends is also shining the spotlight on the iconic cat people with the upcoming Moons of Elsweyr expansion.

In preparation for the expansion’s launch on June 27th, ZeniMax is currently running a cross-promotional event in ESO that gives fans of both games the “purrfect” opportunity to earn an exclusive Dragonstone card back in the online collectible card game.

All you have to do is play Elsweyr from now until June 24th and you’re all set. Of course, you need to own the Elsweyr Chapter first, and register for a Legends account if you don’t already have one to be eligible for the reward. You’ll receive your exclusive card back on the expansion’s launch day.

Head over to The Elder Scrolls Online official site for more details.