Get An In-Depth Look At The New Item Rewards Coming To Crowfall

crowfall blue blacksmithKill monsters, get loot, grow stronger, find bigger monsters to kill. Rinse and repeat. The basic formula in use with most, if not all, MMORPGs. It’s also the same formula that ArtCraft Entertainment has in place in their upcoming MMORPG Crowfall, but with a very significant difference when it comes to how rewards are given and how players get stronger.

One of ArtCraft’s main goals is to make the power curve more shallow, in other words, you gain less rewards and power as you progress through the game. “The reason is that we want a player’s skills to matter more than itemization,” explains Game Designer Thomas “Blixtev” Blair. “We want players to feel excited by the rewards they receive as they advance, but we need to make sure we don’t undermine our primary goal of a shallow level curve.”

With that in mind, the devs have come up with new items, loot, crafting enhancements, and new crafting recipes that give players a lot more items to work with while also reinforcing the game’s storyline with snippets of lore. They’ll also be releasing a new set of item rewards that will have a number of useful effects but will not be as powerful as crafted items.

“While the crafting enhancement items are great because they create more synergy between crafters and combatants, we felt we needed more instant rewards available on the NPCs to offset the difficulty of obtaining these types of items and to ensure that players are motivated to keep playing. This ensures that players do not feel overly challenged or get frustrated if there are gaps in armor and weapon availability as they are progressing through the pre-alpha game.

In our next big release (Pre-Alpha 5.100), we’ll introduce randomized loot that approximates but doesn’t quite match the effects that can be placed on an item via crafting. The system allows an item to have effects that can modify the stats of the item or the wearer. Initially, this will be limited to weapons and armor, but will eventually be extended to other items as well.”

The new items will have a suffix, a core attribute, and a suffix that describes what the item does. Valkyn’s Precise Boots of the Glorious, for example, adds the Anti-Critical Strike stat (Valkyn), +11 to Dexterity (Precise) and increased armor (Glorious). The new system should give players access to a larger variety of items and gear that they can swap around depending on their need or build, especially new players who have limited access to crafted gear.

Head over to the Crowfall official site to learn more about the new item rewards.