Grand Fantasia Gets A New Class And New Maps



X-Legend and Aeria Games may have just released Dragomon Hunter but they have yet to forget about X-Legend's other titles. Today, Aeria's English service for Grand Fantasia received a fairly large update, introducing a new class, new maps, and more. The anime-styled MMO joins Fiesta Online as a game we didn't expect to have a content update this holiday season.

The new class—Grand Fantasia's fifth—is the Mechanic, pictured above. The Mechanic is a new class that wields a gun and makes use of more advanced weaponry and machinery. At level 30, players get a choice of two evolution paths: the Demolitionist, which makes use of long-range weaponry with high destructive capabilities, and the Engineer, which is focused on melee combat.

Three new maps—Vapor Vale, Dazzledell Hollow, and Port Riptide—will give players new places to explore. Among these areas are "parallel worlds, mechanical insects, a sanctuary under siege," and more. A "dark, twisted" alternate reality dungeon called Distorted Dimension is available for level 100 players to take on in Port Riptide.

For more information, check out the full patch notes.