Grim Dawn's Next Expansion Adds The Necromancer

Grim Dawn's next expansion is apparently shaping up nicely, and today developer Crate Entertainment announced the Necromancer mastery. That's right Diablo 3, Grim Dawn will have their very own undead summoner. Who's skeleton army will reign supreme?

The aforementioned linked post has plenty of lore to absorb:

The art of necromancy has always come with a certain amount of revulsion from the general populace, and rightfully so as this arcane school toys with death itself, that ultimate fate to which all must succumb. Fear of the unknown turned necromancers into pariahs. This was never truer than during the age of the Arkovian Empire...

The Necromancer will sport plenty of familiar abilities. Drain Essence saps enemy's health while returning the players'; Raise Skeletons ought to be self-explanatory, though its worth noting that this summoning spawns three skeletons but can be modified to summon more; Necrotic Edge strikes fear into the heart of opponents.

"Class combination names you can look forward to: Apostate, Cabalist, Death Knight, Defiler, Reaper, Ritualist and Spellbinder."

I am more excited now than when I first learned about the expansion. Grim Dawn is one of my favorite ARPGs, and I'm looking forward to returning when the expansion releases. While there's no concrete release date we can expect more information on April 03, 2017.