Grimoire: Manastorm Is Going Free-To-Play


Omniconnection's Early Access wizard-themed FPS/MOBA hybrid Grimoire: Manastorm has had issues gaining traction. Despite its low, $10 price point and frequent sales, the game's playerbase has remained low and stagnant. To remedy this, the team has decided to make the game free-to-play.

One of the game's developers, Brent, assures players in the update that "this is not a decision that has been made lightly." The primary reason for making the switch to free-to-play is, in fact, to boost the game's playerbase. The team wants full servers and the one-time payment model wasn't getting them to that point.

The new model will allow players access to all maps, modes, etc. for free. The game will be monetized by selling access to classes. The Fire Mage class will be free, but the rest will require payment, the price of which will be decided with input from the community. An Ultimate Pack containing all classes will be made available, as well, and anyone who currently owns the game will gain access to the Ultimate Pack.

No time frame has been given for when the free-to-play launch is supposed to happen.

Update: Classes can be earned by spending points gathered by playing the game, making purchasing classes a convenience.