Guardians Of Ember Transitions Into Open Beta Next Week

guardians of ember melee attackFantasy MMOARPG Guardians of Ember is set to transition into Open Beta next week says publisher Gameforge in a recent press release. The German publishing studio officially relaunched the game earlier this year followed shortly by closed beta testing.

All accounts created before the closed beta phase will automatically be part of the Veterans’ Rewards program. “We enjoyed working with developer Runewaker on the Veterans’ Rewards program as a way to say thank you to Guardians’ existing players and give them the VIP treatment for being among Olyndale’s earliest heroes,” says Gameforge. Eligible accounts will get a free Skill Reset Scroll and other useful items.

The game’s Premium Shop also officially launches today. Closed Beta players will now be able to purchase items using both in-game and premium currency. Players will also be able to claim free items from the Premium Shop as the Open Beta launch draws closer.

Check out the Guardians of Ember official site for more details.