Guild Wars 2 Features Rytlock In First Part Of ‘All Or Nothing’ Short Story Trilogy

guild wars 2 rytlock brimstone requiemIf you’re one of those old-school gamers who just loves digging into game lore, then you’re definitely in for a treat. Alex Kain of the Guild Wars 2 Narrative Team has just released the first short story in a trilogy based on the latest episode of Living World Season 4 – All or Nothing.

The first story in the All or Nothing: Requiem trilogy features Rytlock Brimstone with illustrations done by Jerome Jacinto. “This series will contain heavy spoilers for Living World Season 4,” warns ArenaNet. If you haven’t completed the episode you might want to leave off reading the story until you do… or not. The choice is yours. You can start your reading on the Guild Wars 2 official site.