Guild Wars 2 Is Working On A Fix For Latency Issues, World Boss Rush Returns Next Week

guild wars 2 world boss rush drakkar bannerGuild Wars 2 is currently experiencing latency problems, which ArenaNet admits won’t be easy to fix, but they’re already hard at work trying to track down the individual problems to come up with a solution.

“We know this makes for a frustrating gameplay experience, and we want to let you know what we're doing to find and mitigate those problems,” said ArenaNet on the official forums. “The reality is there's no single sweeping change that can fix latency issues for all players, or even most players. We’ll keep you updated on their progress as we’re able.”

Meanwhile, the World Boss Rush special event will be returning next week with an additional boss and more rewards up for grabs. “The dreaded Drakkar has been added to the list of bosses who could use a little extra thrashing, and Bonus Boxes of Goods now have a very rare chance to contain a Crystal Infusion or Heart of the Khan-Ur.”

Details of the upcoming event can be found on the Guild Wars 2 official site.