Guild Wars 2 Kicks Off Fifth Week Of Their Welcome Back Program, Claim Your Free Episode Now

guild wars 2 all or nothing art

It’s the fifth and final week of the ArenaNet’s Welcome Back to Guild Wars 2 initiative. Over the past few weeks, ArenaNet has been giving away one free Living World Season 4 episode every week to help get returning players back up to speed on Season 4 starting with Daybreak for the first week, followed by A Bug In The System, Long Live the Lich, A Star to Guide Us, and finally, this week’s free episode – All or Nothing.

Like previous weeks, returning players can also look forward to play-along livestreams with the devs and ArenaNet Partner Program streamers to help you get through the episode. You’ll find the full stream schedule on the official site. Oh, and don’t forget to claim your free Transmutation Charges from the Gem Store. You might also want to check out the All or Nothing: Requiem short story series. Be warned though, it's chock full of spoilers so you might want to leave it for after you finish the episode.