Guild Wars 2 Living World Episode 5 Launching Jan 8, 2019, New Trailer Released

guild wars 2 black and white group

NCSoft announced today that the Season 4 Episode 5 update for Guild Wars 2 will be launching on January 8, 2019. The episode is named 'All or Nothing' and includes a new fractal, a new map, a new gear set, and more. Along with the announcement comes a brand new trailer for the update which highlights the coming changes. As with previous Guild Wars 2 updates, everything including in Episode 5 is free for everyone who currently owns the Path of Fire expansion.

Season 4 Episode 5: All of Nothing Features:

  • A new fractal, Siren’s Reef, in which players will work to break the isle’s curse while surrounded by an army of ghost pirates
  • A new map, Thunderhead Peaks, which sees players returning to the dwarven Thunderhead Keep from the original Guild Wars
  • The legendary longbow Pharus that calls down the power of cosmic light
  • A new mount mastery, Bond of Faith
  • The new “Diviner” gear set
  • The new upgradeable “Dragonsblood” weapon set