Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 4 Final Episode ‘War Eternal’ Is Now Live

guild wars 2 war eternal exordiumWar Eternal, the epic finale to Season 4 of the Guild Wars 2 Living World storyline is now live. The final episode brings with it a new map, the new upgradeable Mist Shard Armor Set, and the Legendary Greatsword Exordium, a sword that changes its shape depending on the wielder’s need.

“With the devastating loss of Aurene, Tyria faces an existential threat: the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik’s victory is all but certain. The commander and their allies must reconcile themselves to their defeat and find a way to rejoin the seemingly hopeless battle.”

In addition, the new dragon-like Skyscale mount will also be making its first in-game appearance. “Closely related to dragons, skyscales subsist on magical energy; earn their trust as you once earned Aurene's, and you'll be able to ascend into the sky and hover high above Tyria,” says ArenaNet. “The skyscale possesses the unique ability to cling to walls and other vertical surfaces, allowing its rider to steadily gain elevation in strategically measured increments.”

The episode update also comes with balance changes to the Engineer, Necromancer, Revenant, and Warrior classes, along with other fixes and improvements. You'll find a detailed list of changes on the Guild Wars 2 official forums. You can also check out the official War Eternal trailer right after the jump.