Guild Wars 2 Map Completion Reward Exploit Forces ArenaNet To Disable A Number Of Rewards

guild wars 2 concept art 1The ability to instantly teleport to where your group is located using the newly-added Recharging Teleport to Friend item is undeniably one of the most useful additions to Guild Wars 2. Apparently, it’s also a handy tool in exploiting the map completion reward system to acquire lockbox keys. In light of this recently discovered exploit, ArenaNet has temporarily disabled Black Lion Keys and Transmutation Charges from all map completion reward tables while they work on a fix.

According to a thread on Reddit, the Recharging Teleport to Friend allowed players to teleport a newly-made alt to one of the easier maps, specifically Bloodstone Fen, complete the map and reap the rewards. Since the one hour cooldown for the item is character specific, it allowed exploiters to create a new character, complete the map, delete the character then repeat the whole process indefinitely.

As of this writing, ArenaNet is still working on a fix for the exploit. Hopefully, they come out with a solution sooner rather than later.