Guild Wars 2 Addresses Requests For Multiple Raid Difficulties

guild wars 2 black and white groupIf you think that Raids in Guild Wars 2 are far too difficult, it’s probably because they were designed to be difficult and ArenaNet, at least for the time being, intends to leave it that way regardless of how many requests they get for multiple difficulty options. Raid Team Design Lead Crystal Reid explains on the new Guild Wars forums:

“We won't be adding a different difficulty tier at this time. Raids need to continue to remain the most challenging content in the game, and they aren't designed to be accessible by everyone from a skill perspective. Could they be more accessible from a "finding 9 other players to play with" side? Sure. That isn't always an easy problem to solve, and any solution would detract away from the team making more raid content. We'd love to get more content out to you guys faster really.”

Reid also addressed player concerns about Wing 4's difficulty. “Are we totally happy with how balance turned out? Yes and no,” says Reid. “The Mursaat Overseer base difficulty is too easy, but we were very happy with the CM difficulty. For the next release we'd like to get difficulty tuned more back in line with Spirit Vale.”

Raid difficulty has been the subject of numerous forum posts for years and most players are in agreement that the topic should be dropped for good. As one forum poster puts it, “There's no horse left, just a puddle of blood.” On the bright side, we at least have new content to look forward to.

Speaking of content, check out the video below for an in-depth look at the story and setting for the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire expansion.