Guild Wars 2 Offers ‘Flashpoint’ Episode For Free, Brings Back World Boss Rush This Week

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With all the excitement surrounding the Guild Wars 2 team’s End of Dragons reveal stream, we nearly forgot to remind you to claim your free Living World episode for the week. Catch up to the dragon cycle narrative with this week’s free episode - Season 3 Episode 5: Flashpoint.

“Asuran prodigy Taimi has made a breakthrough in her anti-Elder Dragon research, but there’s little time to celebrate. The ancient mursaat, Lazarus the Dire, is not what he seems—and Marjory Delaqua has returned from her investigation with a desperate warning.”

As usual, you can claim the free token from your in-game mail or grab the Flashpoint episode from the Story Journal at absolutely no cost until August 2. You’ll need to have purchased the Heart of Thorns expansion before you can actually play through the episode but you can still claim the free episode to play in the future if you haven’t.

Meanwhile, the World Boss Rush has also returned this week to the fantasy MMORPG, once again giving players the chance to earn rewards by defeating world bosses during the community event.

“The World Boss Rush special event is back for another week of vigorous villain vanquishing and bonus rewards! Taking down world bosses will progress the overall community goal. You’ll receive rewards for each tier you participate in. You’ll get more Bonus Boxes of Goods for defeating bosses at the end of longer and tougher event chains.”

More information can be found on the Guild Wars 2 official site.

Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 3 Episode 5: Flashpoint Trailer

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